About us

Innovative Diagnostics staff and buildingCreated in 2004, Innovative Diagnostics develops, produces and sells ELISA and PCR reagents for the diagnosis of infectious human and veterinary diseases.

Located near Montpellier, France, 130 employees work in our vast 4000 m² laboratory facilities.

Innovative Diagnostics is an actor of the One Health approach, which recognizes that human health and animal health are interdependent. We help to protect both human health and the global food supply by offering diagnostic tests to detect zoonotic diseases in humans and animals, and veterinary diseases in farm animals. Our tests for zoonotic diseases include COVID-19, Rift Valley Fever, West Nile Fever, Q Fever, Crimea Congo Haemorrhagic Fever, and Bovine Tuberculosis. Our tests for major veterinary diseases which have a had a significant impact on the food supply in recent years include Foot and Mouth Disease and African Swine Fever.

Innovative diagnostics is independent and 100% self-financed with its own R&D activities and state-of-the art, automated production line, allowing the company to react immediately to sanitary emergencies.

With a dynamic R&D department, high quality products, a diverse product portfolio and excellent customer service, Innovative Diagnostics is a rapidly growing company with sales covering over 100 countries.

To be ever closer to our clients, Innovative Diagnostics has opened offices in Brazil, India and China, and a production facility in the United States.



Our ID Screen® diagnostic kits, both ELISA and rapid immunochromatographic tests, include all the necessary reagents for the analysis of serum, plasma, meat juice or milk samples.
They are standardized to detect national and international reference sera, and show innovation through simplified test protocols, ready-to-use reagents, and improved test performance.



We offer a complete solution for diagnostic by real-time PCR technique, from sample pre-treatment to final results. Our range for molecular biology includes extraction robots, nucleic acid purification kits using spin columns or magnetic beads, and ready-to-use amplification kits.



“With you at every step” is our motto. We are committed to providing our clients with the best diagnostic solutions, technical support, and training, including:

  • Training in molecular biology, immunology, and accreditation procedures
  • Consulting for laboratory design
  • Assistance in implementing test accreditation or quality assurance procedures
  • Advice concerning result interpretation