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Complement fixation tests

Complement Fixation Test Buffer


The Calcium Magnesium buffer is used to dilute sera and reagents for the complement fixation test.

The veronal buffer (product code VB-4L) has been replaced by the CFTB buffer (product code : CFTB-4L).

The formula of the CFTB buffer is based on the OIE formula to be used for Brucellosis CFT, and does not contain barbituric, but offers exactly the same performance as veronal buffer.




  • Once diluted, the buffer is stable for 2 months at 2 – 8°C without loss of activity

Method :

Complement fixation test

Description :

The kit includes 4 vials containing 50ml of 20X concentrated buffer, each allowing for 1 liter of diluted buffer

Species :

All species

Product reference


CFTB-4L 4 vials of 50 mL (concentrated 20X)