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Monkeypox Virus

DI™ Monkeypox Virus Duplex


Qualitative Real time PCR detection kit of Monkeypox virus (MPXV) in humans

This kit allows for the specific amplification of three target sequences:

  • Two target DNA sequences of MPXV
  • A human-specific sequence in the gene coding for an ubiquitous enzyme (GAPDH) serving as an endogenous internal control.

Test based on PCR technology, useable as a first-intention test, from Individuals cutaneous-mucosal or oropharyngeal samples.

Kit in liquid format.

For research use only.

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  • Kit validated for the detection of MPXV by the National Reference Center-LE Orthopoxvirus :

  • High specificity: two couples of primers and probes coding two target genes of MPXV
  • High sensitivity: PCR limit of detection of 6.25 copies/µL
  • Reliability:
    • Detection of an endogenous internal control to ensure the validity of the analysis
    • High diagnostic sensitivity and specificity
  • Thermocycler reproducibility: performance validated on QuantStudio5TM, CFX Opus 96 Real-time PCR Instrument and Magnetic Induction Cycler (Bio Molecular Systems).

Method :

qPCR - Duplex - Qualitative

Species :


Target gene :


Sample types :

Individual cutaneous-mucosal or oropharyngeal samples

Protocol :

Duration < 1h

Thermocyclers :

QuantStudio 5™ (Applied Biosystems), CFX Opus 96 Real-time PCR Instrument (BIO-RAD) and Magnetic Induction Cycler (Bio Molecular Systems)

Shipping temperature :


Storage temperature :

-16°C; -26°C

Marking :


Product reference


DIMPXV-50 50 tests
DIMPXV-100 100 tests