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African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV)

ID Gene™ African Swine Fever Triplex


Real-time qPCR for the qualitative detection of a target sequence in African Swine Fever (ASFV) viral genome in multiple sample types from swine and wild boar, and for individual samples or pools of up to 20, thanks to high sensitivity

The test amplifies a target sequence as well as endogenous and exogenous internal controls.




  • Accurate and reliable results
    • DLPCR < 5 copies / PCR
    • Internal controls ensure robust results:
      • the endogenous internal control ascertains sample presence and correct conservation
      • the exogenous internal control evaluates extraction efficiency and confirms the absence of inhibitors
    • Validated by the EURL (CISA-INIA, Spain)
    • Validated according to the French standard NFU47-600-2
    • Extensively used in ASF control programs around the world
    • The best suited PCR for ASF testing on feed and bedding/enrichment materials
  • Allows for optimized workflow
    • Ultrarapid results in only 35 minutes
    • Ready-to-use : simply dispatch the reaction mix, add the sample and run the test
  • Flexible and convenient
    • Uses the same amplification protocol common to all ID Gene™ PCR tests, meaning that other pathogens (DNA or RNA) may be tested on the same plate
    • Ready-to-use liquid format with economical room temperature shipping worldwide

Method :

Real-time qPCR - Triplex - Qualitative

Species :

Swine, wild pig or warthog

Sample types :

Serum, whole blood, oropharyngeal fluid, oropharyngeal swabs, organ and tissue (spleen, lymph node, tonsil, bone marrow and kidney). Either individual samples or pools of generally up to 20 may be tested

Product reference


IDASFTRI-100 100

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