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Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (Map)

ID Gene™ Paratuberculosis Duplex


Real-time qPCR for the relative qualitative detection of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (Map) in ruminant faeces, boot swabs or mycobacterial culture

The test amplifies a target sequence in the Map genome and an exogenous mycobacterial control to confirm pathogen lysis and verify the absence of PCR inhibitors.
It may be used with the easiest sample preparation protocol on the market, without any weighing step (product code EZPREP, sold separately)




  • Accurate and reliable results
    • High performance: DLPCR< 30 copies / PCR and specificity of 100%.
    • Evaluate extraction efficiency and confirm the absence of inhibitors thanks to the exogenous internal control
    • Validated by the French national reference laboratory according to the French standard NFU47-600-2
  • Facilitates decision-making in the field
    • Superior sensitivity allows for better detection of infected animals and new herd breakdowns
    • A positive control calibrated at 3000 Map / gr of faeces allows to differentiate between passive carriers and chronically-infected animals, and thereby manage culling priorities
  • Allows for optimized workflow
    • Rapid, 1 hour amplification protocol
    • Ready-to-use : simply dispatch the reaction mix, add the sample and run the test
  • Flexible 
    • Uses the same amplification protocol common to all ID Gene™ PCR tests, meaning that other pathogens (DNA or RNA) may be tested on the same plate

Method :

Real-time PCR - Duplex - Relative qualitative

Species :


Sample types :

Ruminant faeces (individual samples or pools of up to 10), boot swabs or mycobacterial culture.

Product reference


IDMAP-50 50
IDMAP-100 100

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