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Coxiella burnetii / Q fever

ID Gene™ Q Fever Triplex


Real-time qPCR for the qualitative or quantitative detection of Coxiella burnetii in ruminant swab supernatant (placental, vaginal, cervical), milk, spleen and gastric juice samples

The test amplifies:

  • a target sequence
  • an endogenous internal control, to ascertain presence and correct conservation of the sample
  • an exogenous internal control to be extracted along with field samples, to evaluate extraction efficiency and confirm the absence of inhibitors in each well.




  • High performance: DLPCR< 10 copies / PCR and specificity of 100%.
  • Rapid: 1 hour amplification protocol
  • Ready-to-use: no-need for reagent pre-mixing – simply dispatch the reaction mix, add the sample and run the test
  • Flexible : uses the same amplification protocol common to all ID Gene™ PCR tests, meaning that other pathogens (DNA or RNA) may be tested on the same plate
  • Validated by the OIE reference laboratory and according to the French standard NFU47-600-2 (underway)

Method :

Real-time qPCR - Triplex - Qualitative - Quantitative

Species :


Sample types :

Ruminant swab supernatant (placental, vaginal, cervical), milk, spleen and gastric juice samples

Product reference


IDQF-50 50
IDQF-100 100

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