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Salmonella spp.

ID Screen® Avian Salmonella Indirect – Groups B and D


Indirect ELISA for the detection of anti-Salmonella (B and D groups) antibodies in chicken sera

Note: The same convenient protocol (buffers, incubation times and temperatures) is used for most ID Screen® poultry kits.




  • Very low background (no risk of false positive results)
  • Detects antibodies directed against Salmonella enteritidis (Se), S. typhimurium (St), and the other avian salmonellas belonging to groups B and D
  • May be used with egg yolk samples which are easier to collect and cause less stress to the layers
  • Short incubation times: results in 75 minutes (30-30-15 protocol)
  • Comprehensive data analysis with the ID Soft™ program
  • Positive and negative reference sera available as internal controls
  • Validated for use with Serum Transport Cards, allowing for practical and safe shipment of blood or serum samples to the lab

Method :

Indirect ELISA

Species :

Chickens (broilers, breeders and layers)

Specimens :

Serum or egg yolk

Coated antigen :

Purified Salmonella LPS

Conjugate :

Anti-chicken-HRP conjugate (concentrated 10X)

Product reference

Kit format


Plate format

SALS-5P 5 plates 480 12 x 8-well strips
SALS-10P 10 plates 960 12 x 8-well strips

Associated products

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Internal reference material

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Internal reference material

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