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Equine herpesvirus (EHV)

ID Screen® EHV-1/EHV-4 Discrimination test Indirect


Indirect biwell ELISA for the detection and discrimination of antibodies directed against equine herpesvirus types 1 and 4 in equine serum or plasma




  • Excellent discriminatory capacity between EHV-1 and EHV-4 infected horses, thanks to the use of specific recombinant antigens
  • Easy-to-use, with only biwell plates, including one strip for each virus
  • Results in only 90 minutes
  • May be used with internal reference sera for quality control: MRI-EHV1/4 (EHV-1 and EHV-4 positive serum) and MRINEG-EQ (negative serum for many horse diseases)

Method :

Indirect ELISA

Species :


Specimens :

Serum and plasma

Coated antigen :

EHV-1 or EHV-4 specific recombinant antigens

Conjugate :

Anti-equine IgG-HRP conjugate (concentrated 10X)

Product reference

Kit format


Plate format

EHV1/4B-1P 1 plate (biwell format) 48 6 x 16-well strips
EHV1/4B-2P 2 plates (biwell format) 96 6 x 16-well strips

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Internal reference material

Freeze-dried horse serum (origin: France) containing anti-EHV-1 and anti-EHV-4 specific antibodies. Read more

Internal reference material

Freeze-dried horse serum not containing antibodies against pathogens responsible for various equine diseases. For use with various ID Screen® kits. Consult us for more information. Read more