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West Nile Virus (WNV)

ID Screen® West Nile IgM Capture


IgM Antibody Capture ELISA (MAC) kit for the detection of anti-prE IgM antibodies in horse serum and plasma.

The detection of IgM antibodies indicates recent infection and WNV circulation.





  • Sensitive and specific detection of WNV IgM antibodies, indicators of recent infection
  • Rapid and convenient: all reagents are supplied ready-to-use, samples are diluted directly in the plate (no pre-dilutions required), and all reagents may be transported at room temperature and stored at 4°C
  • Practical: you can easily check that all samples have been correctly deposited because the dilution buffer changes color upon addition of the sera

Method :

IgM Antibody Capture ELISA

Species :


Specimens :

Serum and plasma

Coated antibody :

Anti-horse IgM polyclonal antibody

Conjugate :

Anti-WNV prE HRP conjugate (10X)

Protocol :

(1) Sample Incubation (2) Three washes (3) WNV ready-to-use antigen incubation (4) Anti-WNV prE-HRP conjugate incubation (5) Three washes (6) Substrate Incubation: 15 min

Product reference

Kit format


Plate format

WNIGM-1P 1 plate (biwell format) 48 6 x 16-well strips
WNIGM-4P 4 plates (biwell format) 192 6 x 16-well strips
  1. Zeller, H.G. and Schuffenecker, I. West Nile Virus: An overview of its spread in Europe and the Mediterranean basin in contrast to its spread in the Americas. Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis (2004) 23:147-156
  2. OIE Terrestrial Manual 2008 ; 2.1.20; West Nile Fever.

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