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IDEAL™ 32 extraction robot


DNA and RNA extraction and purification system for magnetic beads

Availability : Europe only

IDEAL™ extraction robots offer nucleic acid purification with high efficiency and purity.
Successful qPCR downstream analysis depends on high-quality, reproducible purification of nucleic acids.

The IDEAL™ robots are designed to deliver high-quality results while minimizing handling, helping you automate a significant part of your workflow.

Principle: The use of the IDEAL™ robots with magnetic beads allows for the uniform distribution of the beads in the buffers.
The robots use magnetic rods to move nucleic acids along with the magnetic beads through the different extraction steps: lysis, binding, washing, and elution.

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  • High-throughput purification of nucleic acid
    • Process 32 samples in 20 minutes
  • Versatile
    • Extract nucleic acids from any pathogen or sample type in a single extraction run
    • UV lamp and heating block included
  • Convenient and intuitive
    • Ready-to-use, with pre-loaded protocols for the ID Gene™ Mag Fast Universal Extraction Kit
    • Create or modifify your own protocols without additional software
    • Easy-to-use with a touchscreen and a user-friendly interface
    • Open system: use with any magnetic bead extraction kit
    • Start and stop feature: resume your program if the machine is stopped
  • Robust
    • No metrology required
    • CE marking

Method :

Automated nucleic acid extraction

Description :

Nucleic acid extraction robot for use with magnetic beads

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IDEAL32 32 samples

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