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IDEAL™ 96 extraction robot


DNA and RNA extraction and purification system for magnetic beads

Availability : Europe only

IDEAL™ extraction robots offer nucleic acid purification with high efficiency and purity.

The IDEAL™ robots are designed to deliver optimal results while minimizing handling, helping you automate a significant part of your workflow.
Magnetic rods to move nucleic acids along with the magnetic beads through the different extraction steps: lysis, binding, washing, and elution.

Video presentation of the IDEAL™ extraction robots




  • High-throughput purification of nucleic acid
    • Process 96 samples in 20 minutes
    • Increased extraction capacity thanks to stronger magnets
  • Versatile
    • Extract nucleic acids from any pathogen or sample type in a single extraction run
  • Convenient and intuitive
    • Ready-to-use, with pre-loaded protocols for the ID Gene™ Mag Fast Universal Extraction Kit
    • Create or modifify your own protocols without additional software
    • Easy-to-use with a touchscreen and a user-friendly interface
    • Open system: use with any magnetic bead extraction kit
    • Start and stop feature: resume your program if the machine is stopped
  • Robust
    • No metrology required
    • CE marking

Method :

Automated nucleic acid extraction

Description :

Nucleic acid extraction robot for use with magnetic beads

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IDEAL96 96 samples

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