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Complement fixation tests

Guinea pig complement


The complement system is a system of serum proteins that react with antigen-antibody complexes. If this reaction occurs on a cell surface, it will result in the formation of trans-membrane pores and therefore destruction of the cell.

This characteristic is used in the complement fixation test (CFT) to detect antibodies against infectious animal diseases.

The complement fixation test requires complementary reagents that are not included with this product. (Calcium Magnesium veronal buffer, haemolysin, sheep red blood cells, and specific antigen for CFT).




  • The freeze-dried Guinea pig complement can be used in any complement fixation test (CFT).
  • Once reconstituted, the complement is stable for two weeks at 4°C without loss of activity.

Method :

Complement fixation test

Species :

All species

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CPLT-2x5ML 2 x 5 ml vials