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Mycoplasma bovis

ID Screen® Mycoplasma bovis Indirect


Indirect ELISA kit for the detection of antibodies against Mycoplasma bovis in bovine serum, plasma or milk






  • Excellent discriminatory capacity, giving clear positive or negative results
  • Excellent reproducibility, repeatability, stability and robustness
  • Excellent correlation of results between individual milk and serum samples, making the test versatile for testing beef cattle or milk samples from dairy herds
  • Superior specificity and sensitivity
  • Rapid protocol : results in 90 minutes
  • Direct dilution of samples in the plate, with ready-to-use sample buffer

Method :

Indirect ELISA

Species :


Specimens :

Serum, plasma and milk

Coated antigen :

Microplates coated with purified Mycoplasma bovis recombinant antigen

Conjugate :

Anti-ruminant horseradish peroxidase (HRP) conjugate

Product reference

Kit format


Plate format

MBOVISS-2P 2 plates 192 12 x 8-well strips
MBOVISS-5P 5 plates 480 12 x 8-well strips
MBOVISS-10P 10 plates 960 12 x 8-well strips
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