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Mycobacterium bovis complex / Tuberculosis

ID Screen® Ruminant IFN-g


Sandwich ELISA for the detection of ovine, bovine and caprine interferon gamma (IFN-g) in activated plasma or culture supernatant






  • Standardized results thanks to a freeze-dried positive reference control used to calculate S/P ratios for each sample
  • Flexible: the same kit may be used with both native antigens (standard protocol) and recombinant / peptide antigens (alternative protocol)
  • Practical: the standard protocol uses only 10μl per sample, meaning that less sample volume is required for cell activation

Method :

Sandwich ELISA

Species :

Bovine, ovine and caprine

Specimens :

Activated plasma or culture supernatant

Coated antigen :

Anti-ruminant IFN-g monoclonal antibody

Conjugate :

Anti-ruminant IFN-g HRP Mab conjugate

Product reference

Kit format


Plate format

IFNG-2P 2 plates 192 12 x 8-well strips
IFNG-4P 4 plates 384 12 x 8-well strips
IFNG-10P 10 plates 960 12 x 8-well strips
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  18. Tutorial video for IFNg testing produced by the European Reference Laboratory for Bovine Tuberculosis, VISAVET

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